Current from: 7 Apr 2020
SBR File Library
Current from: 6 Apr 2020
SBR file library - CLOSED 6/03/2020
Current from: 31 Mar 2020
The accepted specifications and versions for the 2016-17, 2017-18, 2018-19 and 2019-20 financial years. You will be required to use these if you are developing software to lodge electronically. A list of validation tools has also been included. Payroll...
Current from: 20 Mar 2020
A FINAL version of the Employee share scheme (ESS) annual report v3.0.1 specification is now available. In this update information has been provided to support the replacement of AUSKEY with the new authentication and authorisation services, myGOVID and...
Current from: 26 Feb 2020
SBR file library effective 25/11/16
Current from: 11 Nov 2019
General File Library
Current from: 11 Nov 2019
General File Library
Current from: 11 Nov 2019
Access our library for track changed versions of the A-NZ specifications and other associated documents. You can find the final A-NZ specifications versions and other supporting documents on GitHub. For further information on e-invoicing in Australia see...
Current from: 4 Nov 2019
The tax file number (TFN) algorithm is a mathematical formula that tests the validity of numbers quoted as TFNs. Its use in software is recommended as it will minimise TFN errors and may subsequently reduce the need for contact between your organisation...
Current from: 15 Aug 2019