This document further illustrates the intent of a specific rule.
Current from: 21 Jun 2017
The Payroll Event.0002 2017 package provides information to develop software to interface with the ATO’s Application Programming Interfaces. Find out more: PAYEVNT.0002 2017 package
Current from: 19 Jun 2017
The following electronic reporting specifications have been released as a FINAL version in both tracked and clean versions: Self-printing tax file number (TFN) declarations version 1.1.2 –...
Current from: 15 Jun 2017
Provides a visual mapping of business taxonomy to the message structure table (MST).
Current from: 5 May 2017
Identifies data descriptions and business rules and works with the Business Taxonomy and Software Developer Guidelines to provide business process context.
Current from: 5 May 2017
The electronic reporting specification version of the Pay as you go (PAYG) withholding from interest, dividend and royalty payments paid to non-residents - annual report version 2.0.2 has been...
Current from: 3 May 2017
The tax withheld calculator (TWC) proof of concept schematron implementation will not be updated for Tax Time 2017. You can still access information on Tax withheld calculators and the statement of...
Current from: 30 Mar 2017
Specifications can be found in the ATO developer tools area of SBR website. Other information for software developers is also available. This includes detailed information about the SBR program as...
Current from: 21 Mar 2017
The tax file number (TFN) algorithm is a mathematical formula that tests the validity of numbers quoted as TFNs. Its use in software is recommended as it will minimise TFN errors and may subsequently...
Current from: 24 Feb 2017
The Item A3 calculator allows users to calculate the correct amounts for the A3 labels on the individual tax return. This will ensure they receive the correct amount of government super co-...
Current from: 22 Feb 2017