E-invoicing is the direct exchange of invoices between suppliers’ and buyers’ financial systems in a structured format.

E-invoices can be sent directly to a customer’s software system, even if the buyer and supplier are using different systems, as long as both systems are PEPPOL e-invoicing enabled.

To read more about e-invoicing including its benefits and how to get ready for e-invoicing visit e-invoicing on the ATO website.

PEPPOL - Pan-European Public Procurement Online

Australia and New Zealand (A-NZ) announced the adoption of PEPPOL framework for e-invoicing in 2019 and has developed localised invoice specifications based on PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0.

If you are looking to offer your services as an Access Point (AP) or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) with businesses predominantly in A-NZ, Open PEPPOL recommends that you sign up with the relevant local authority when it is established. NZ has established their PEPPOL Authority (PA) and Australia are expected to establish their PA in the near future.

PEPPOL is based on a 4-corner model where every business and its trading partners communicate via their Access Points. The 4-corner model gives buyers and suppliers the freedom to choose any Access Point within the PEPPOL network, rather than being required by a trading partner to use a specific provider.

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Getting ready for PEPPOL e-invoicing

On 25 September, we released v0.3 of the A-NZ invoice and self-billing extensions and stated these documents were finalised with OpenPeppol and awaiting formal approval. Since this time we have identified minor issues with OpenPEPPOL which have been addressed in v1.0, now approved for publishing by OpenPEPPOL.

This includes:

Versions 1.0 of the extensions are published on GitHub.

To assist you with identifying the updates, we have also provided versions of the document that show tracked changes on the document library.

Become an OpenPEPPOL member

OpenPEPPOL membership is mandatory for all services providers who intend to offer AP and or SMP services within the PEPPOL network. 

You can apply to become an OpenPEPPOL member at any time by contacting info@peppol.eu and completing the registration forms.

Read and understand the OpenPEPPOL requirements for the eDelivery Network specifications and the Business Interoperability Specifications.

Plan your implementation

Find out about Software for PEPPOL Implementations.

Onboarding and accreditation

Digital Service Providers looking to provide Access Point or Service Metadata Publisher (SMP) services in A-NZ should look to sign the Transport Infrastructure Agreements (TIAs) with the country in which they predominantly operate in. 

Read more about it in the accreditation guides on GitHub.

Contact us

If you have any questions about e-invoicing contact e-invoicing@ato.gov.au

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