Annual investment income report (AIIR) PC spreadsheet and paper forms specification final v3.0.1

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This specification is for small investment bodies that use personal computer (PC) spreadsheet or database software to maintain investor information. It replaces Edition 2 – June 2008 of the reporting specification for lodgment of Annual investment income report (AIIR) PC (spreadsheet format) and Paper Forms. This specification is compliant with the Electronic Reporting Specification Annual investment income report (AIIR) version 9.0 and is to be used in the preparation of AIIR for the 2010/2011 financial year and subsequent years. This specification also includes forms for lodging small numbers of original, replacement and corrected records on paper.

It also contains instructions for entering the AIIR information into a spreadsheet in a standard format, loading the data onto electronic storage media and sending the report to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

Investment bodies of any size with the capacity to lodge the AIIR electronically should continue to do so. These investment bodies should note that the Electronic Commerce Interface (ECI) application is now available to transmit AIIR data to the ATO only if it is in electronic format.

PLEASE NOTE: Two documents are provided - a 'tracked changes' version to reflect the changes from the previous version as well as a 'clean' version of the specification.

Reason for Amendment

28.05.2012 - Annual investment income report (AIIR) PC (spreadsheet format) and Paper forms reporting specification has been republished as version 3.0.1. The republication has minor amendments to information as follows:

1. New address for mailing of electronic storage media. The new address is:

Media Information Processing Services

Australian taxation Office

PO Box 923


2. Use of USB flash drives for the report lodgment on electronic storage media.

A tracked and clean version of the updated reporting specification has been provided for your convenience.