Annual investment income report (AIIR) PC spreadsheet specification v6.0.0

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A final electronic reporting specification Annual investment income report (AIIR) PC spreadsheet format version 6.0.0 has been released. Tracked and clean versions of the final specifications have been published for your information.

This specification contains the data requirements for the 2017-18 and subsequent financial years. Only version 6.0.0 will be accepted for the 2018 and subsequent financial years.

A brief overview of the differences between version 5.0.0 and version 6.0.0 are listed below.  Refer to the specification on pages I – III for a more detailed list of changes.

Key changes

  • The Investor and Investment account data record has been split into an Investor data record and a separate record for the Investment account data record.
  • The following cells in the Investment body identity record have been changed to mandatory:
    • D8 - Investment body contact name
    • D9 - Investment body contact telephone number.
  • Nil reports have been added as an acceptable type of report