What is e-invoicing?

E-invoicing is the electronic exchange of invoices, software to software, no matter what software you’re on.

E-invoices can be sent directly between a buyer’s and supplier’s systems, as long as both are Peppol e-invoicing enabled.

The ATO as a Peppol Authority

Australia and New Zealand (A-NZ) have adopted the Peppol framework for e-invoicing. The framework is becoming accepted globally (it is used in over 34 countries) helping to support international trade and opening up international opportunities for Australian businesses.

Peppol Authorities are established at a national level and are responsible for setting local requirements and managing participants of Peppol within the country.

The ATO became a Peppol Authority on behalf of the Australian Government on 31 October 2019. 

Although Australia and New Zealand have their own Peppol Authorities, the functions and technical support activities have been aligned to support one another.

Read more about our Peppol Authority functions.

How to become a Peppol service provider

To become an accredited Peppol Access Point or SMP provider it is essential to understanding of the PEPPOL environment and its structure.

Below is a brief overview of key Peppol resources:

Once you have reviewed these resources and are ready to proceed, visit the Accreditation process page for more information on the next steps.

A-NZ Peppol GitHub

Specifications for your implementation can be found on the A-NZ Peppol GitHub.

News on e-invoicing

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Contact us

If you have any questions about e-invoicing contact e-invoicing@ato.gov.au

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